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Laclarée is located in the incubator of the ENS-Lyon, France, and is supported by BPI-France and Pulsalys. Since 2018, Laclarée is part of the incubator of the foundation “Voir et Entendre” from the “Institut de la Vision”, Paris.




The team benefits from more than 25 years of experience in the field of variable focus liquid lens as well as from an expertise in ophthalmic device development.

Founder & CEO
Bruno Berge

Bruno is an experienced physicist and entrepreneur, expert in optics and physics. He has worked in the University of Grenoble, the University of Chicago and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon before founding Varioptic (now the world leader in liquid lens for cameras).

R&D Engineer
Jessica Jarosz

Jessica holds a PhD in optics. She is specialized in ophthalmic device development and high-resolution instrumentation. She has been involved in several projects in ophthalmic optics dealing with presbyopia correction, aberrometry, retinal surgery, retinal imaging (Presbeasy, Varioptic, Quantel Medical, ONERA, Quinze-Vingts Hospital).

R&D Engineer
Quentin Lavigne

Quentin holds a MSc in physics. He took part to several projects dealing with quantum technologies and cold atoms led by international academic research labs (College de France, University of Genève), where he has developed a transverse expertise in physics, optics, image processing and computer vision.

R&D Enigneer
Norbert Molliex

Norbert is specialized in material science and technology, from alloys, semiconductors to polymer physics.

Intern in Physics
Serge Aboucaya

Third year student at ESPCI Paris.

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